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Is there a need for commercial fund-raisers in Singapore?

Do we know where the money goes to? I think these charitable organisations should be made to provide transparency and show to the public real-time online tracking of their accounts to boost the confidence of donors and deter fraud.

Faye Pang

With all the cashless payments options, is there still a need for donation boxes? Just use PayLah!, for example. We need to cut out middlemen and give 100 per cent of donations to deserving charities.

Tsai Teck See

Face-to-face fund-raising in Singapore would facilitate a two-way conversation between the public and non-government organisations such as Greenpeace that are working on the front line of climate change.

Ross Buchanan

Should the media avoid publishing the photos of terrorists?

The media should ignore them totally. Don't give them that 15 seconds of fame.

Francis Chong

Why make them martyrs to the sympathisers. Also it will reinforce stereotyping of a certain nationality, race or religion.

Cheah Kok Keong

The more fame a terrorist gains as a result of media, the more victories scored.

By denying terrorists a name, a face, you deny the power they hold. You deny the spread of the notoriety that they so desire.

Noel Ong

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