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A writer says that the world should unite against the ISIS threat, just as it had done against Hitler in World War II. Do you agree? What can individual citizens do to guard against terrorism?

We need to cultivate a better and deeper understanding of one another's cultural beliefs and practices to ensure that we can, and always will, live as a harmonious society.

We also need to know what young and impressionable Singaporeans engage in online.

The words of these terrorists are very enticing and we do not want any to be seduced by their wayward ideas.

Thaheera Althaf

Absolutely. The international community and the local citizens must unite... against terrorism.

Here in Singapore, we should reinforce Total Defence and stay vigilant at all times. Put aside any prejudices... think Singaporean, always.

Harry Chia

To unite the world for another world war?

An eye for an eye, the whole world goes blind... it seems inevitable that we will end up in WWIII.

Karen Lim

Would you consider hospice care for yourself or a loved one if faced with a terminal illness? What can be done to make hospice care a more attractive option here?

Given a choice, many would prefer to spend their last days at home rather than at a hospice or nursing home.

The sad fact is if there is no choice, then one must opt for a hospice.

Peter Tan

Yes, insurers should cover hospice care. This is not a choice. It will become part of life as the population ages.

Margaret Chong

MediShield should cover the bill for hospice and nursing homes. Let not the terminally ill, old and infirm be burdened with the worry of the cost.

James B Wright-Brown

Is there a mismatch between educational aspirations and job opportunities? How can we better guide students to make decisions on their future?

Maybe the institutions or schools could institute a mandatory pre-enrolment session to brief potential undergraduates on the sectors they should consider pursuing.

This could help mitigate the job mismatch in the years to come. Such advice on the path to take should preferably come at least two years or more before they reach the age for such programmes.

Champion Facts

Teach skills. Let us learn from Germany.

May Ping

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