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Should personal mobility device (PMD) riders have to undergo a mandatory theory and practical certification course?

If a car can kill someone on the road, why should this be excluded? Everyone knows what happened with the hit-and-run in Pasir Ris that caused a shattered shoulder blade and broken toes, so how are PMDs any different from vehicles that have the potential to kill or injure?

Chen Jin Long

They need a licence, insurance and all the other necessities required of car owners.

Kevin Lin

Just ask them to display their device number plates clearly, so that the public can take a video for evidence should they cause accidents or endanger others. This will make them think twice about speeding recklessly.

Terrence Long

It won't help. Speed seekers will always be speed seekers. There are many motorists and drivers passing the driving test but accidents still happen.

Lance Lin Wei Qin

Going through the course is one thing, adhering to safety is another.

B H Liau Jonathan

Please have an age limit. An age limit is required for legal liability too.

Mathia Lee

Yes, a compulsory theory and circuit course at least to warn riders of the danger it can cause others and yourself.

Lawrence Tan

Will a "pay-as-you-throw" system work in Singapore? Why or why not?

We are already paying a monthly town council fee and also a monthly refuse removal fee in our utility bill, so this would be a third fee?

Aidan Seow

Give us proper bins for recycling instead. Glass, tin, paper, plastic, clothes, batteries, bulbs. Why give us a sub-par recycling system and make us pay for throwing trash?

Pato Low

My late grandma used to use up to eight diapers daily for her babies. Not forgetting the women in the house having their menstrual cycle and needing to change their sanitary pads. How about those of us who have parents who do dialysis at home? These require a lot of disposable items.

Nurfazira Martin

Correct me if I'm wrong but don't the service and conservancy charges also cover the throwing of household waste?

Thomas Wong Bing Yao

I have to cook daily for my family and a lot of our trash is made up of food packaging.

This kind of system penalises families like mine, but what can we do when all the food that is bought at grocery stores is packaged the way it is? How about finding ways to encourage the food suppliers and grocers to have less packaging for food? Or packing that is more sustainable for the environment?

Sue Ong

I will take my rubbish and throw it at bus stops, shopping centres, CCs, public toilets, etc.

Daichi Harashima

Rather than charging people for what they throw, it's better we educate them to recycle items that can be recycled and throw only unusable items.

Mohammad Sidek A. Wahab

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