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Should the Singapore Premier League adopt a promotion and relegation system?

We don't have enough teams or stadiums for promotion and relegation.

Muhammad Fazuli Abdul Samad

It's easy to blame FAS and draw comparisons with overseas leagues, when the true solution lies in everyone and their love for local football. With numbers and support, FAS will have a much easier time creating an ideal football league, and Singapore football can be revived. So why not go down to the next local football game as a start?

Yanagisawa Kenshi

This would not work because most players are on a one-year contract and if their club got relegated, they would simply just move to another club. Even if they were loyal and stayed on, they would most likely have to take a huge pay cut as the relegated club would not have as much funding and this would still force the player to look for another club.

Andrew Pek Junxian

Not enough fans. Not enough money. Don't pay players enough. Not enough serious teams. Not enough sponsors. I could go on.

Lim Foong Fee

Should students who cannot endure carrying a backpack while hiking take part in Outward Bound Singapore?

If they want to use trolleys, they shouldn't go to OBS. Might as well camp inside an air-conditioned room.

Jun Cai

Actually, there is nothing wrong with playing smart. They use trolleys now so they will have more energy to enjoy activities later. Even in war, those who play smart are more likely to win than those who exhaust themselves before they reach their enemy.

Gintobi Ju

I am in my late 50s. I am old-school. As much as I think the OBS trolley is a silly thing, I am ready to accept times are changing. The younger generation think that if they can do things the easier way and conserve their energy for other activities, why not? Let's accept that things and times are changing.

Ang Teck Huat

They should carry their own backpack. It is part of physical and character building - endurance perseverance.

Elisha Chandler

There needs to be a balance between implementing new gear and making sure the main objectives of OBS are not lost.

By using those trolleys, hiking is made to look like it is very simple. But it removes the danger of heat stroke and other dangers associated with carrying a heavy bag in our humid climate.

Do outdoor activities mean we need to go back to being primitive?

Personally, I think it is okay to use the trolley as long as the spirit of OBS is not lost.

Darryl Kang

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