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Should fathers in Singapore get more than two weeks of paternity leave?

Yes, they should. Both mothers and fathers should be entitled to the same amount of parental leave. It sets the tone right from the beginning that the parental burden should be shared equally between partners rather than fall disproportionately on the shoulders of the mother.

Abirame Subramanian

Too many days off and the boss will think of ways to get rid of you.

Bernie Pa

No. Who is going to cover their work duties? How about giving time off to those who have elderly family members at home to take care of too?

Dexter Teo

This is useful only in cases of emergency, like if the child is sick and the father can take leave to help out. But, primarily, the mother is the one taking care of the child most of the time, so she deserves the longer leave.

Peter Tan

Should housewives be paid a salary?

I left my career because I wanted to raise decent human beings on my own.

But at the same time, this leaves me unable to help my own parents.

Housewives cannot depend solely on our husbands' income to support everyone in the family, not to mention the amount left in our CPF and Medisave accounts.

Diyanah ZulZaman

I'm a housewife - a mum of two without a maid. Thankfully, my husband's salary is enough to give us a good life.

Maybe an allowance or salary can be considered for housewives from low-income families.

I would be very grateful if there were more opportunities for part-time jobs or home-based jobs suitable for housewives, especially those with young children.

Aida Yohana

If housewives are given a salary, please remove the tax relief cap for working mums.

Stella Goh

If I were to be "compensated", I would rather have it in terms of benefits like transport discounts, free movies on certain days only for housewives, or grocery discounts.

Irene Tan

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