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Should Singaporeans be given the choice to opt out of government subsidies or bonuses, with the money going to help the needy?

Yes, why not. Let those who do not want the money, opt out and give it to those who appreciate and need it more.

Loy Jiong Meng

I agree, but it should be directed to a charity of our choice and not go directly to the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

Harry Chia

This is not necessary. One is free to donate all the handouts and subsidies given by the Government to the needy if one is serious in this intention. Extra media publicity does not help.

Sam Lim SK

There is no need to opt in and out, why create more work? Everyone is free to donate on their own.

Jacqueline Harrison-Foo

Do the mindsets of parents need to change for subject-based banding in schools to succeed?

As long as parents do not compare their kids with other kids, the new policy will work.

Harry Chia

The Government's mindset should change first. As long as a scholarship holder is seen as a good leader, the results will be the same.

Marcus Shawn

Why can't parents recognise the fact that different children have different levels of academic ability and accept them as who they are? If not, no matter how the education system changes, children who do not do well academically will forever be stigmatised.

Cheryl WL

I'm not concerned with mindset change. What concerns me is how to help my kids adjust to the new education environment.

Mark Leong

No matter what system you have in place, parents will always try to game it. This is true not only in Singapore.

The system is there; what you want to do is entirely up to you. You can play it the way you want to, or you can play it differently from everyone else.

As a parent, you decide what's best for your child and be brave enough to bear the responsibility of that decision.

Elaine Mae-lyn

The mindset of teachers must change too.

Lai Yin Lee

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