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Is it fair for CCA clubs to conduct tests and admit only the best students?

No, of course not, if only the best students are admitted into CCAs, how are the rest of the kids going to ever learn?

School is a place to nurture talent, not to prejudge them and deny them learning chances.

Long Zijing

Each CCA has a limit to the number of students that it can take in, due to limitation of resources, hence the need to use some sort of placement criteria.

So unless we resort to balloting for places, and leaving it to the luck of the draw, then the next best method is a placement or suitability test of some sort.

C J Ng ChongJin

What if everyone chooses a few CCAs, and leaves all the other CCAs redundant? What if there aren't enough people or resources in one CCA, and the low participation rate in another CCA means the efforts of the students over the years became redundant?

Coaches are already engaged for some of these CCAs, and from what I know, these coaches/trainers do have a preferred number in mind and sometimes selections are based solely on their capacity and advice.

Even if it is not about glory, the tests also serve to spot the potential in some students for them to be groomed for other CCAs.

I did not get into my first-choice CCA in secondary school, but that did not stop me from loving it. I have friends who cultivated a love for music despite initially resenting the fact they were selected for band.

Scarlett Chong

This is so wrong, activities outside of classroom hours should be for students who are interested in learning, everyone should be given an opportunity to learn as a group for fun. Pre-test requirements should be discouraged. Students who demonstrate an interest are likely to excel in what they learn.

Queenie Campbell

Schools should look into having competitive and leisure groups in a CCA. Those who have the ability to do so can go competitive, while those who are interested can join the leisure group and potentially join the competitive group in the future if they develop far enough.

Why close the door on kids and discourage them from pursuing their interests, especially at such a young age?

Su-Lin Guizard

Will raising the legal drinking age to 21 help combat underage drinking?

I'm not a drinker. But please, let people have their freedom and adulthood! Let us also practise self control and responsibility.

Chia Yong Kit Isaiah

If you can't effectively enforce the legal drinking age of 18, what makes you think you can do it at 21?

Alan Ho

Nope, it's all about educating them on the social responsibility of drinking alcohol.

Peter Tan

It isn't difficult for teenagers to get their hands on alcohol. Increasing the legal age will only increase the number of cases of underage drinking. The only way to combat underage drinking is by imposing stricter sanctions.

Kingsley Tan

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