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People should refrain from anti-social behaviour in lifts; what are some examples of good lift behaviour?

A basic "thank you" to show your appreciation when people hold the lift door for you to get in.

Felicia Chew

Make space for others. Don't rush in before people have exited. Offer to press buttons if the lift is crowded or people have no hands free.

Belinda Tang

Should just implement my idea of putting a whiteboard at the lift lobby so people can write nice messages, notify others if they have extra food or unwanted items, need a tutor or are having a birthday party.

One can be put on each floor so neighbours on the same floor can be closer. Open communication behind closed doors.

Syahiran AJ

Should countries revoke the citizenships of returning ISIS sympathisers?

Yes, they should. A citizenship to a democracy is not a right but a privilege. Once that privilege is taken for granted, it's unfair to expect the country to welcome the betrayer back with open arms.

Raine Gibson

Punishment for treason is typically death or life imprisonment. Back in the day, traitors were simply shot. I think living a life abroad of their own choosing is the more humane choice. Personal responsibility for one's action is what separates adults from children.

Kang Lie Dong

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