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Do non-governmental organisations (NGOs) here need special protection from fraud? What can be done?

Fraud is already an offence under the penal code, regardless of NGOs or otherwise.

The law treats all criminal fraud the same. Any CBT (criminal breach of trust) or dishonesty is subject to investigation according to our law, and the culprit will face prosecution.

Andrew Singh

I don't think NGOs need protection from fraud.

Fraud happens in NGOs because some NGOs neglect to follow their governance and are not transparent in their dealings.

James B Wright-Brown

How can people here be encouraged to tolerate, and live in harmony with, the wildlife around them?

To encourage people to live in harmony with wildlife, I believe we have to tackle two core factors leading to intolerance of wildlife.

The first factor is the innate fear for our safety... The second is the inconvenience caused by the wildlife to us in our daily lives.

Vivian Lau

Let's get this straight, we are taking away their homes by removing their trees and land, not the other way around...

Don't leave food around and "feed" them. Without the vast land of natural food and fruits, they might roam into your area looking for their survival needs.

Soon, attacking humans for food will be a way of life.

Trev Neo

The best form is through education.

There can be advertisements on social media reminding people to be more caring towards their animal friends...

Just because they do not look or behave like us does not mean they are to be treated badly.

We need to live with them with tolerance, respect and harmony. Not violence, hatred and abuse.

Peter Tan

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