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Is the International Baccalaureate a better fit for our students than the A levels?

Students who stress over their future opportunities being purely dependent on exams would fare much better in the IB system.

Sharlynn Ng

Only if we want to lower our standards.

Valerian Hall-Chen

Rather than choosing one, give the student the option to choose.

Joseph Wong Meng Choi

Can socio-economic inequality affect a child's reading ability?

Both my parents were illiterate hawkers. But I had wonderful teachers. I picked up English and other skills from them. So, no, I don't think it's inequality, but probably a lack of good teachers with a good standard of English.

Colette Lim

It is a matter of priorities. Poor or not, we have a choice on how to spend our time. All of us have an equal amount of time.

Javier Ling

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