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Will holding sessions to teach students and parents decorum help?

Gracious behaviour stems from a good upbringing by parents. I find it far-fetched to have MOE teach parents decorum because the purpose of schools is still to educate children.

Kok Siong

Yes! It's sad that we have to resort to such an approach.

Sweeleng Yeoh

Yes. Parents do not teach children good behaviour nowadays. In fact, I saw a mother tell her daughter not to press the "door open" button in the lift as she "is not a lift operator". It's very sad.

Freya Lim

As a patient, would you like to be told of all possible complications from minor, routine medical procedures?

Even if the doctor told me all the potential complications, I wouldn't understand them. As a patient, I just need a short and simple answer.

Alicia Lim

No, everything in life carries a risk, so there is no need for doctors and nurses to qualify everything they are going to do with caveats and warnings.

Zhou Hongjie

Is drug addiction a medical condition and should it be treated as such?

This hints at harm-reduction practices in the West, which is not the Singapore model. For us, the choice is clear. We want a drug-free Singapore, not a drug-tolerant Singapore.

Sangha Vandana

The real question is how this knowledge is integrated into efforts to combat drug abuse, not whether we should accept what medical experts tell us.

Adrian Wee

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