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Do you support the idea of having a memorial to recognise the national servicemen who lost their lives during service?

Having a memorial is meaningful and appropriate for only those who sacrifice themselves during war or disasters.

I am against the idea here as these deaths are mostly caused by human error.

Lee Wei Kiat John

Memorials should be for people who die in war. Not for young guys who died accidentally because of safety errors.

To honour these young chaps, action must be taken so that no more accidents happen.

Christiana Nelson

This is peacetime training and, yet, people have died. Setting up a memorial is going to tell people that it's okay for deaths to happen during training as the NSFs or NSmen will be remembered.

Claudia Jp

Yes, they deserve to be remembered. They may not have lost their lives in a war, but they died while preparing to defend Singapore if the need arises. In fact, a Memorial Day should be set aside for all Singaporeans to remember our fallen heroes.

Mary Ann Lim

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