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File photo of a teacher pointing out the homework listed on the whiteboard to her class.
File photo of a teacher pointing out the homework listed on the whiteboard to her class.PHOTO: MY PAPER

What approach should schools and teachers take when faced with "difficult" students?

Why should the teacher be alone in the guidance and mentoring of students? It is undeniable that parents play a pivotal role in the shaping of their children's lives and education.

Kok Siong

Many times, these troubled youth do not perform well academically and lack discipline, hence they tend to be grouped into the same class. How do you expect the teacher to care for an entire class of students like that, on top of teaching duties and administrative responsibilities?

Jacq Ang

The teacher will have to decide to spend limited time and energy between those who want to learn or help themselves and those who don't and (who have) parents who are not cooperative.

Every hour spent on one group is an hour taken from another.

Muhammad Hamzah

Those "difficult" students are difficult because people around them label them as such. What they need is someone who trusts them. To believe that they are good, (that) they have talents which no one has seen.

Ivan Wong

Before you ask the teachers to do anything, make sure they are given the tools and resources to do it. Make sure the teachers are trained and well compensated.

Dennis Lim

Should those with autism be given the opportunity to serve national service?

You need to have specialists who are suited to train them.

Fauzi Yacob

Why expose them to potential bullying?

Jo Thia

It depends on the severity of the condition. The spectrum is very wide. Those who tend to be slower in grasping instructions may end up getting bullied, but there are also some who are very intelligent and capable of socialising with others.

Keep options open, let us not be too rigid when it comes to those with special needs.

Siti Nor'aini A S

We must first understand that autism is a disorder that lies on a spectrum. As long as the individuals are deemed functional, I don't see why we should deny them the right to serve our country.

Maria Tymosiewicz

If Singapore aims to be an inclusive society, then we should provide them with the opportunity to serve in ways that best suit their skill sets.

Benjamin Chew

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