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What changes in the cleaning and security sectors can make jobs easier for the elderly?

The elderly should not be given such jobs any more. Why not something more productive like gardening or urban farming? It's still physically engaging enough but not as strenuous or dangerous. And the products will be something they can use or sell.

Grace Cong

Shorter hours would be good without the "compulsory" overtime for security officers.

Siti Nor'aini A S

Shorten the existing full shift to half a shift to give the elderly more time to recuperate. Cut down working hours in their later years with retirement annuity to supplement a lower income.

Yong Yun Fui

Shorter flexible working hours, hourly pay and better incentives for full attendance, free meals, dental and medical benefits.

Kok Mei Hui

First, reduce business taxes and overheads so that the elderly can be employed with sufficient pay for decent living as cleaners.

Allan Tan

Should companies implement smoke-free policies?

It is difficult to have a yes or no answer. If a company employs a smoke-free environment, how much will that affect productive employees who might rely on regular puffs in order to be productive?

Eric Choo

Just give non-smokers extra days off.

Lim Yock Bing

Prepare proper designated smoking areas.

Marcus Timothy Lim

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