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Should cyclists be made to adhere to traffic laws like other motorists?

If you're going to be on the road, at the very least you should have passed the basic theory test.

Eugene Tan

Yes, if they're going to share the roads with people who have to go through proper education, as well as follow a strict set of rules, why should they be allowed to run amok?

Rein them in, register them, and take them to task if they flout the rules.

Joel Luo

Every road user from drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists, e-scooter riders to pedestrians should obey traffic laws. They keep everyone safe.

Ho Weng Kok Mike

Do you think government intervention is needed for bike-sharing services to succeed in Singapore?

Why should bike-sharing services succeed in Singapore? How do they fit in with the overall transport policies here?

James Lui

The Government needs to intervene not only to ensure the success of bike-sharing, but also to ensure a level playing field for operators as well as ensure people's interests are being looked after.

George Wong

The problem still lies with users, we can see bicycles being indiscriminately parked wherever the users deem convenient.

Sim Sunny

Should the four new statues of Sang Nila Utama, Tan Tock Seng, Munshi Abdullah and Naraina Pillai by the Singapore River be kept there permanently?

Isn't that what museums are for?

Andy Wee

They should stay. They provide a more interesting perspective to our history.

Francis Cheong

Keep them, but spread them out to tell stories.

Nagathisen Katahenggam

No, this place should only have Sir Stamford Raffles. With all the other statues there, it will make the place lose its original theme and it will look messy. The place also has no significance to other statues.

Billon Wong

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