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Is enough being done to nurture creativity in schools? How can teachers balance preparing students for exams and giving them free rein in their writing?

What can be taught will never be creative, and what is creative cannot be taught.

This is also a subjective area, as what is creative to one can be offensive to another.

Let there be a period of "freedom of expression", when students can do what they like best.

Allan Tan

Thinking about writing , talking about writing or worrying about writing is not writing. The worst thing you write is better than the best thing you do not write...

Imagination and ideas differ from person to person.

In order to be able to write better and well, the only logical thing to do is to read more.

Peter Tan

A writer has urged firms to give out hongbao packets made of paper from environmentally friendly sources. In what other ways can cultural practices and green practices go hand in hand?

The significance of giving and receiving red packets has a rich symbolism that cannot be replaced...

Cultural practices and going green are two separate and independent matters.

Sending electronic transfers as red packets ? That's going too far.

Ken Koh

Leftover hongbao packets from the previous year can be used to make festive display items for the next year. No waste.

Margaret Chong

In China, people can give hongbao via the Internet messaging app, WeChat. Maybe Singapore can come up with a similar app?

Jensen Lu

How can public education on "informed giving" be strengthened? Will doing so result in improved governance and transparency among charities?

The Government should provide a list of charity organisations in Singapore, so that the public can be made aware of such non-profit organisations.

This may increase public awareness and confidence in making donations.

Nicole Wong

How about accreditation by the Government?

Frankly, I feel I cannot trust those people with clipboards and clear pocket files on the street.

And it may not be their fault that there is no well-recognised accreditation that they can show.

Jimmy Lee

All religious organisations - such as churches, temples and mosques - must declare to the public their collections every year.

After all, it is public money they are dealing with.

Disclosing the donations/tithes collected each year to the congregation will dispel any suspicions or doubts.

Bert Bc

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