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What can Singapore do to become self-sufficient in food?

Convert all golf courses to farm land or for modern farming.

Loutao Lei

How about buying farms overseas? We could add value by increasing harvest with the use of machinery. We can also line our streetscape with crops that can be harvested, or turn Sisters' Islands and Pulau Ubin into farming communities.

Janice Tan

It is too expensive to farm for the masses in Singapore. My plan has always been a Temasek-owned outfit that farms in Australia and India, and perhaps Indonesia.

Yew Hui Phoa

Who wants their kids to be commercial fishermen?

Cheah Kok Keong

Build our own vertical farms and lab grown meat.

Brian Chee

We have all sorts of rooftop gardens that can be transformed and expanded into hanging gardens with all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Yong Yun Fui

Build multi-storey animal farms.

Magdalene Ding

There is a country in Europe that does underground vegetable farming. It uses hydroponics and LED lights to grow vegetables. The soil that has been dug out of the ground can be used to fill reclaimed land. Joel Yang

Allow more commercial vertical farming in the outskirts of the city area, like Sembawang. Allow residents to plant edible food on HDB rooftops.

Some HDB spaces on the ground have been converted into small gardens. It should be implemented in more estates.

Gardens should be converted to the planting of edible flowers, vegetables or fruits instead of just trees.

Marc Tang

Is a blanket ban on all ivory products too extreme? Should some items, such as antique instruments, be exempted from such a ban? Why or why not?

Yes, a blanket ban is too extreme, it affects those who are genuine antique collectors. Best that a permit be applied for any import of ivory.

Harry Chia

Blanket ban is good. Ban should be absolute.

Maya Todd

Do you think the stickers advertising locksmith services are useful or an eyesore? Why?

The locksmiths paste stickers all over the place outside our flat and they are really hard to remove.

Loh Kok Leong

I think we should allocate an advertisement space for these people. Sometimes, we do need the services... If not, they will end up sticking them on any space they want.

Edna Teo

Anything we need can be located with a finger's touch through an Internet search.

Winnie Ho

It's vandalism.

Mathias Korber

I have seen some locksmiths giving magnets. That's better and more polite.

James Ang

Stickers are often hard to remove and the paint on the wall and gate peels off as a result. Can I call them to repaint to cover the ugly patches?

Christopher Chiew

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