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Should owners be responsible for the maintenance of their HDB flat windows?

HDB should be responsible. But before they do that, the Building and Construction Authority should pass a Bill that all private flat developers must also be responsible for the windows. After all, every window in a building is an integral part of the design.

Margaret Chong

Windows are integral parts of HDB flats. They are expected to last as long as the building.

I don't see why owners should be penalised for lack of maintenance of windows because they did not choose these "inferior" windows.

When stainless steel rivets became mandatory in 2004, it was obvious that the window installations failed to meet performance and safety standards in our humid climate. Hence, innocent owners should not be blamed for corroded aluminium rivets in windows.

Noordin Mdy

So should HDB send inspectors to inspect every flat it has ever built? We want low taxes, not increased spending leading to higher taxes. If flat occupants renovate and choose inferior materials, how is that HDB's problem?

Christina Teh

Make it mandatory to change the screws or brackets of windows every five or 10 years. The cost can be shared by the owner and HDB.

Su Choon Thye

If you buy a car, you don't own it, right? You are "leasing" it for 10 years because of COE. But any fines from traffic violations are still borne by the vehicle owners. If the car spoils after the warranty period, can you get LTA to foot the bill?

Decry Hardiyanto Bin Zaidi

No. We are just the lessee. But it's our duty to check if there is wear or tear to prevent the window from falling out. The best thing would be for HDB to bear some cost as windows are part of the main structure of a flat.

Zulkifli Mamat

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