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What can be done to get more people reading?

This interest must be cultivated from young. Let them choose their favourite books regardless of topic. Parents must accompany the children to the library and read together with them at least once a week.

Yanny Ree

Parents should encourage their children to read rather than give them electronic gadgets to keep them quiet. I find that kids nowadays are very blessed to have libraries in every estate, and yet they are not reading. When I was young, it was very hard to get a book to read, especially when we couldn't really afford them.

Theresa Seck

The pervasiveness of social media acts against the cultivation of the reading habit via books.

Wei Min Liu

Do you think the proposed tax and ban on packaged sugary drinks should be extended to drinks sold at fast-food outlets?

Why not subsidise mineral water sold in supermarkets, hawker centres and fast-food outlets instead? Why not subsidise vegetables, fruits and other healthier choices? There are many ways to influence people's decision on meals instead of imposing taxes.

Kei Li

Will the tax make vegetables cheaper? I don't think so. What exactly is it going to pay for?

Jack Lim

You want healthy living? Ban it straightaway. That is my view.

Hidzir Abas

Do the reverse. Those who do not order soft drinks should get points.

Edna Teo

Stop harping on taxes. They are never a solution. Have more water points and free drinking water at all eateries.

Darren Tay

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