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Is Singapore ready for electronic voting?

Electronic voting should never be allowed, because anything electronic can be tampered with without being captured on CCTV (systems) as compared with tampering of paper ballot boxes.

Jay Lam

Electronic voting is good. Reason being, first, there's transparency and accountability. All eligible voters can log in via SingPass. Lastly, all input will be routed to a centralised computer. From there, results can be known immediately. Overall, it saves time and resources.

Simon Lam

With all the digital lapses recently and covert political influence by other countries via hacking, I think some things are best to leave manual for now, especially for something as confidential as voting.

Sean Lim

If Singapore is to succeed as a Smart City, electronic voting has to be a part of it. Singaporeans are ready and will accept it but they have to be convinced that their vote is secret and it's the Government's responsibility to do that.

Harry Chia

Will providing water free of charge in all eateries discourage more from ordering sugary drinks? What other measures will convince people to consume healthier options?

Yes. Totally inclined to drink plain water and not buy any other drinks.

Raihan Daniele DeRossi

If you go to Japanese restaurants that serve free-flow green tea, the majority of customers are drinking green tea instead of ordering soft drinks.

Chan Siang Ke

Some people will bring their own bottles to fill up if water dispensers are installed in all food outlets.

Indang Esa

Do you agree that job seekers do not have the right attitude when it comes to becoming industry-ready with the skills of the future? What can be done to change this?

Let's be honest. Employers will go for cheaper employees.

Jasmine Lim

Be humble and willing to learn.

Jessie Chong

Often those with the right skills do not have the right attitude - refusing to be flexible, not turning up for work, demanding a lot but not giving much in return. Employers are often short-handed and cannot wait for the staff with the right attitude to be trained. The one with the right attitude may not be interested or suitable to fill the vacant position because he may not have the aptitude for the required skill set.

Lisa Loh

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