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A Forum writer suggested NEA publish restaurants' demerit points on its website. What else can be done to improve food hygiene standards?

NEA should severely punish those involved in serious food poisoning cases. Cancelling business licences only punishes the employer, and most likely the rich will just start another food business with a new identity. Likewise, those employees directly involved will move on to another job and continue their ill practices.

David Sim

I'm not sure if naming and shaming online is such a great idea. For smaller outfits, the closure may be a make or break for their business. I think it's more effective to have methods that encourage them to stay clean. Restaurants that have a clean record can use it as a promotion for their business instead.

Boon Leong Chiew

Let's be realistic - who's going to look at those ratings each time they go eat? I'd rather you increase penalties.

That said, there's no foolproof way of ensuring that such things won't happen again.

Dicky Tan

Are children, rather than maids, the issue at private clubs?

The problem is the clubs.

YHou Tay

Children who are not disciplined and have not learnt manners are a problem anywhere.

Joy Ce

Maids are more well-behaved than kids. More reason to ban kids than maids.

Chong Kian Beng

The crux of the issue is not children nor maids. It's the intolerance of the clubs' members towards certain segments of society, whom they feel will affect their clubs' ambience, prestige and their own enjoyment.

Pan Jiahe

It's neither the children nor the maid. It's the parents.

They see their kids creating havoc yet the parents act blur, or those with maids will scold the maid instead of the kids.

Decry Hardiyanto Bin Zaidi

It is the very concept of having a socially exclusive "club" that by definition discriminates against the working class.

Banjamin Chew

What can the authorities do to discourage problematic lifestyle behaviour, such as unhealthy snacking and festive overeating, in the war against diabetes?

Start by serving only water at all state functions. National Day dinners, all desserts to be served with zero sugar. Let's set a good example.

Tsai Teck See

Print photos of diabetic patients with only one leg just like what is being done on cigarette packaging.

Ng KiatKuan

Government can only do so much, it is up to individuals to take responsibility.

Edwin Yong

Educate school students from pre-school and kindergarten to secondary and polytechnic. Make it compulsory to have a talk every morning on the effects of sweet drinks and smoking, and their consequences.

Rand Chua

Just ban all sugary drinks.

Jasonna See

Enforce plain packaging and include gory health warning.

NiCk Chan

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