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How has Fandi Ahmad fared as the interim coach for the Lions?

I'd rather have a Singaporean coach for the Singapore team. Win or lose, I am still proud of them.

Kee Wei

Fandi should be given a permanent contract. FAS must commit and have faith in Fandi. Furthermore, he has done well during this short stint as interim coach. Don't expect miracles and unrealistic goals when Fandi has been working with the Lions only for a few months.

Michael Leong

Please appoint Fandi as National Team coach. As an interim coach, Fandi has brought attacking football back instead of the defensive style of play.

Mohamed Rizal

It's the FAS that should be revamped. They have been the ones dragging the team down with their poor decisions and lousy management.

Glenn Koh

I'd rather Fandi go coach teams in Europe to build his reputation. Fandi is a good coach, but the Singapore team lacks quality.

Kcaz Eot

As much as I like the improvements he made, I prefer the initial plan of him returning to focus on preparing the Young Lions for the SEA Games.

Let Fandi taste some success with the Young Lions first and in three to four years' time, let him have the national coach job again.

Mohamad Syahid Arif


Are the food and beverage offerings at the National Stadium satisfactory? Should more local food items be made available?

Just a suggestion... When there are events, open a tender so those that sell food in pasar malams can apply... Since the stadium is used on an ad hoc basis, it won't be able to attract permanent tenants.

Mohamad Syahid Arif

In the past, there was cheap finger food sold by vendors hawking among the stands. Spectators liked it because they didn't have to get up, go out and miss a goal.

Of course, the new stadium would want to rent out stalls to sell food, which totally misses the point, it wasn't the food that attracted people to the stadium.

Liu INan

Before there are more choices for food there must be a lot of spectators, visitors; without them it will be a losing battle for the hawkers.

Peter Tan

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