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Is enough being done to preserve Singapore's flora and fauna as the country continues to develop? What more do you think can be done to safeguard our natural heritage?

Not enough is being done. More trees are being uprooted to make way for more buildings. A man-made garden has nothing to do with preserving nature.

Ng Gim Leng

We have to make way for progress. Nature should be preserved where it does not impede man's economic activities.

Abdul Malik Mohammed Ghazali

I think the Government has done very well in creating a balance between development and preserving nature, especially with the limited space we have on the island.

Chia Kum Meng

When it comes to malls and housing developments drawing their names from nearby landmarks, is imitation the sincerest form of flattery? Does the commercialisation of its name hurt or help the landmark?

If the landmark is permanent, yes. But not if it is a building, like a school or mall... these things move. For instance, Dunman High School is now in Tanjong Rhu.

Dare Chia

It does neither. The association is simply to show that the development is near the landmark. There is no commercialisation at all.

Harry Chia

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