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What can home owners do to cut down their air-con usage?

First, encourage people not to smoke at home.

We always leave the windows open when we sleep but in the middle of the night, the smell of cigarette smoke wakes us up. I can't be always getting up to shut my windows for my children so most of the time, we turn on the air-conditioning for them.

Second, improve the design of windows in HDB flats. Add a tiny roof over the windows to stop rain from coming in. Our window has to be shut when it rains and it gets stuffy. In the end, we have to turn on the air-conditioning every time it rains. The irony of it! We love the cool "rainy" air.

Soo Ting

Maybe new HDB (blocks) can be fitted with windows that keep out heat, like solar films. Right now, it is up to us to install our own, which is expensive.

Chin Inn Goh

What can be done to get more girls and women interested in pursuing careers in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields?

Start science lessons at Primary 1.

Rachel Percy

It depends on aptitude and interest... I do not pigeonhole my daughter into preselected vocations so it's up to her.

Benjamin Chew

Automation will force people to change their career and field of studies.

Kah Kiat Tan

You can educate and spread messages, but in the end, whether it succeeds or not lies with the decision of each individual as to what career path he or she intends to pursue.

If it is not to your taste, nothing will interest you... not even the best salary.

Peter Tan

Did you use your ActiveSG credits? Will topping up people's ActiveSG accounts motivate more to keep fit?

Yes. Top up people's ActiveSG accounts and motivate more to keep fit.

JF Gary Tom

$100 ActiveSG credit not enough. Government should top up more.

Chiawee Hong Soo

The motivation to exercise regularly to stay physically fit must come from within yourself. We shouldn't ask for monetary incentives to spoon-feed people to act.

Robert Lim

Have you been inside ActiveSG gyms? They're so crowded that they're completely unusable. Worse still, the old gyms are being replaced with much smaller ones at the new "hubs". You can give me unlimited credits and I'll still have no use for it!

Et Han

Keeping fit and healthy is a personal responsibility. Therefore, having a financial incentive to encourage ActiveSG participation is totally unnecessary and irrelevant, and is a waste of taxpayers' money.

Pang Heng Ong

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