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How can Singaporeans be convinced to eat healthy?

While we may not all be able to afford to eat healthy, most of us can afford to eat less.

Ang Yee Gary

Mindsets must change. Drink more water, eat in moderation, take fish or protein twice a week, remove chicken skin.

Kok Mei Hui

The environment and other social factors also influence eating habits.

Chow Zi Siong

How to eat healthy when most of the hawker food is not?

Yap Thian Beng

Do you agree that Singapore's neutrality is its strength?

Of course, neutrality is our strength and means of survival. Small countries like us cannot be too close to one power and ignore the rest. We must be friendly to all. Rely on international law to settle disputes and establish relations.

Loh Wai Poon

There is no such thing as being truly neutral - except perhaps by not participating at all in any conflicts between other parties.

In that sense, perhaps we are.

Ideologically speaking, however, we are not. It's obvious when you have, for example, our leaders favouring one side of the trade war between China and the US (we're on the "don't do it" side which, by implication, means that we have already taken a non-US side).

Why that matters is because, in the event we have to deal with two or more parties, we're going to be inclined more to the party that thinks like us.

Dicky Tan

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