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What qualities do the 4G leaders need to help Singapore navigate the fast-changing world and a people with more divergent aspirations?

Don't play God. Don't behave as if they are incorruptible and, hence, always right. If they do not have the heart to serve and want to look at only how much they can earn and benefit from the system, they should go and join some big corporation.

Without humility, you will never find good leadership.

Desmen Low

They need vision, empathy, passion, willingness to serve (not for the pay), humility, to be inclusive (their views are not always right), to inspire people, be tactful, honesty to admit mistakes and shortcomings and be truly accountable (take responsibility for mistakes).

Steve Lye

Walk the ground alone more often and hear what we really need.

Robin Neo

Did you switch electricity retailers? What would convince you to do so?

Sembcorp for me; it is the cheapest in town at the moment with no hidden costs. Those who can switch should do it. It's no-gimmicks savings.

Marcus Li

Switched to Tuas Power. In May, they offered two months' free usage upon signing up and a 10 per cent discount too.

Siti Nor'aini A S

Made my decision to switch electricity provider. Geneco is my choice because, on average, I can save more compared with SP's rates. Why should we pay more when SP also buys from the same source?

Rasyid Mcgarrett Ridha

Troublesome to switch. If any operator can claim they have the lowest prices 10 years from now, I may strongly consider switching. If not, just for a few dollars more or less, I will stick to my original retailer.

Peter Tan

Would plainclothes police officers conducting checks on suspicious characters in MRT stations be better than airport-like screenings?

Always have a blended approach. Full screening is a deterrence while plainclothes police officers will try to spot behaviour that tries to circumvent deterrence and patterns that full screenings will not be able to pick up.

Yong Yun Fui

New York City has random pop-up screenings, with plainclothes and uniformed officers. I think the full screening adopted by MRT is over the top.

David Chow

Plainclothes officers will conduct searches based on the same few stereotypes every day, just like the police are doing now.

Jaswant Singh

These plainclothes policemen should be trained in professional terrorist profiling so that they can effectively single out high-risk suspects.

Dato Michael

We should check everyone instead of having random checks. The security staff should also be better trained and show more authority.

KP Tan

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