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Do you think there is too little emphasis on Christmas in this year's Disney-themed light-up?

I have to say it is a good change. In fact the last few years, I have hesitated going to Orchard Road to see the Christmas light-up because it was always the same. This year with Disney, it is more interesting and will attract more kids. It is not Disneyland, but I have to say it looks fantastic.


Christmas has been hijacked by Disney! Christmas is about Christ and the spirit of giving.

Chin Koon Ng

I personally believe that it is one of the most fantastic ideas to put up a Disney-themed light-up. I mean who doesn't love Disney? Let's be more open-minded to change. This will attract more tourists and kids as they will be captivated by this year's set-up.

Anna Art

Given that Orchard Road's Christmas glorifies winter instead of Jesus Christ, what difference does it make if Disney characters are used instead?

Umm Yusof

Even birthday parties have themes, so why not Christmas? Disney is for all ages, for the young and young-at-heart.

Analiza Mokhtar

Christmas is all about love, sharing and joy. Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. So I feel it is OK to have a Disney Christmas theme because not everyone has money to visit Disneyland.

Lai Yin Lee

What has Disney got to do with Christmas? Will we be seeing a Marvel superheroes Christmas next year? And a Ninja Turtles theme the year after that?

Wendy Wanderer

Would knowing how much electricity your neighbours are using motivate you to cut down your own usage?

Only if you make it a competition of sorts, and also show how the neighbours have reduced their utility bills.

Theo De Roza

I do not think it would work. What I think would work is to have an "alert" system, much like the way telcos send us reminders on our data usage. When our electricity usage is 50 per cent, 75 per cent and 90 per cent of a fixed amount (based on the average usage of our housing types), we will receive an SMS reminding us of our usage level. By receiving intermittent reminders, we would hopefully be more conscious of our usage.

Pan Jiahe

I don't understand about cutting electricity (use) as our streets and city buildings are brightly lit. (Agencies and organisations) should lead the way and show that they are cutting usage.

Wongsl David

The neighbour's average and national average are already reflected in our bill. Do we need to go to the level of individual units?

Ah Keng Lim

Incentive is the only motivation to drive down electricity consumption (for most people). The Government could implement a system whereby as long as (one's) current utility bill is lower than the previous record low, then that month is on the house. With this, most will work hard to save a little more each month.

Oni Koroshi

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