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What are features on the public transport system that should be standardised?

Like buses, trains should follow the system of letting the passengers know, when they tap their card on the reader, whether it is a new ride or the continuation of a ride. Other than this, don't mess with any changes. Commuters have become used to the existing system.

Harry Chia

Even hospitals' SOP (standard operating procedures) and practices are not the same between hospitals and wards. Basically, people want to be different but there are internal things like IT systems which are not the same and are a hindrance to centralisation and automation.

Yong Yun Fui

Replace lifeless rail route displays with one showing the train location in real time. Position staff to maintain entry/exit discipline at the train doors.

Juan Lee

Do you think airport-like security checks at MRT stations are an overreaction?

Singapore has been lauded as one of the safest countries in the world. Let's not take this for granted, especially given the heightened, albeit insidious, threats from terrorism - organised terrorism or radicalised "lone wolves". I would rather we err on the side of caution than suffer the irreversible consequences of a terror attack. Our security and lives are our most important assets.

Having said that, I hope that the authorities can streamline the process, and carry out the checks without affecting commuters too much.

Pan Jiahe

Definitely an overreaction. Peak-hour commute is already a nightmare, we do not need the extra hassle, thank you.

Max DasAuto

It's a matter of getting used to it. I just returned from a trip to Beijing and they have security checks at every station. With the huge volume of people, I didn't see any delays.

Diana Giam

As long as it can create jobs for more Singaporeans (setting up, maintaining the systems). Why not? Better than the current random checks.

Kenny Chen

How will the screening be done? Will people who happened to buy a knife from the shop and take the train be questioned? Will people need to take off their belts when passing through the metal detector? The devil is in the details.

Wee Hong Ng

"Alarm Fatigue", or a sensory overload when people are exposed to an excessive number of alarms, will result and people will be desensitised to alarms and miss them.

When something real does happen, people will simply ignore all the signs because they are so tired of all the tripwires constantly going off.

Lim Yok Zuan

Will being constantly worried help us improve?

It makes for a case of more people with mental challenges. There must be emotional anchors to help us not go off the cliff, right?

Yong Yun Fui

It depends on what stage of life you are in. If you are retired and financially independent, why the need for constant worry?

Before you get there, perhaps constant worry may help improve your life.

Harry Chia

What's the point of worrying about things beyond our control?

Lai Yin Lee

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