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Do you agree that there is no way to eradicate all inequalities?

To develop anything will require resources. So unless everyone is truly given the same level and quality of resources, "equality" is just a dream.

Theo De Roza

Because we are all not created equally, it is not possible to end all inequality. If we take the narrow definition of inequality as being the unequal distribution of wealth, we can try to eradicate this by hypothetically taking everyone's wealth and dividing it equally among everyone.

After few years or generations, the wealth would still be unequally distributed, as some are more hardworking, frugal, better at keeping and creating more wealth and blessed with good health, while others are more inept in earning, more frivolous and are not blessed with good health. Hence inequality would still persist, and it would be unfair to revert to the same equality of wealth by taking money from the former to distribute among the latter.

Pan Jiahe

It's possible to end inequality but the outcomes aren't pretty. Anyway the focus is on reducing inequality and not ending inequality.

Ang Yee Gary

What can traditional universities offer to stave off competition from MOOCs (massive open online course)?

MOOCs only teach, universities enable independent members of the workforce.

Alfred Ong

Universities are a business too. And they are labour and capital intensive because they need very skilled workers and have high maintenance costs. There's no way they can go free or low cost beyond a certain point.

Andy Wee

University education is not about getting faceless courses in solitude. The learning environment and its culture and tradition make the difference.

Soon Hie Tan

What kinds of workplace practices should be put in place to promote better mental well-being for working adults?

Many managements emphasise work-life balance but not many really enforce it. At the end of the day, it is up to the employee to achieve it.

Stan Lee

Chill-out corners for every workplace, and have more fitness classes, such as yoga.

Wei Jien Teng

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