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Should the National Library Board shift its focus from building more libraries to getting more people to read on mobile devices? Why or why not?

I've already stopped borrowing physical books and have switched to borrowing e-books. I like the fact that I can borrow many titles at one go, and read all these titles on my smart devices. I also like the fact that I won't miss the due date, and incur unnecessary fines.

But that's just for me, from the perspective of an adult. I have a two-year-old and we both enjoy going to the libraries, where she can immerse herself in a huge collection of physical books, where she sees people reading and enjoying reading, and hopefully, sparking her interest in reading.

So my humble suggestion is to have more selection of e-books available for adults, and more space for the children's section - to include more amenities and facilities for children, like a play area.

Pan Jiahe

Nothing can replace a physical book. The touch of it, the smell of it and it also makes readers focus on it without getting distracted by other apps. Additionally, reading physical books is recommended for the young, to promote the love for reading and cultivating comprehension skills, and I would love to add, an appreciation for art through illustrations and paper art, as seen in pop-up books.

Jasmine Loke

Electronic devices give off high-energy, short-wavelength, blue and violet light, which may affect vision and may lead to serious conditions in later life.

Leonard Low

A library is not just a place for reading. It is a social space. It is a place of interactions and relationships.

Ona Fajardo

Why not both? Read news and interesting articles on your device, read novels and other literature for pleasure.

M Al Hakim

Would you be open to trying high-tech foods in order to secure food independence for Singapore? Why or why not?

Will support if it is kept affordable.

Aye Hong Teo

For fruits and vegetables yes, but meat? It's a no. I would not want to eat high-tech beef made by a machine.

Harry Chia

Address food wastage when suppliers offer too much and rather let the food go to waste than bring down the price.

Jack Lim

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