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A writer suggests that our trains should run on actual clock time to make them more reliable. What other tweaks will make the train system more efficient?

On the East-West Line, many commuters are shut out of the train at Tanah Merah station. It gives a very bad impression to the many foreign tourists who take our trains. Many times I've witnessed the train from Changi/Expo open its doors but the train heading west is closed immediately.

It (shows an absolute) lack of coordination between those involved. SMRT needs to look at the matter as the train system is also part of a tourist's experience.

Michelle Tan

Do you agree that when it comes to last-mile journeys, the focus should be on encouraging people to walk rather than on using personal mobility devices or bikes?

Dedicate one car lane to cyclists and e-scooters. If the Government wants a car-lite society, go all the way.

No point over-regulating cyclists. It is not their fault that they share pedestrian pathways. The Government has not built sufficient infrastructure to support a car-lite vision.

Angela Lee

Walk, and stay healthy and safe

Jaichandra Ramanujam

Do you agree that there are too many variables to legalise euthanasia? Why or why not?

There is a difference between a person who is dying and one who is suicidal. Euthanasia is wrong, it is murder; death should come naturally.

Peter Tan

When you let a socialised medicine system adopt this, remember you may become too expensive to save. I'm not talking about terminal illness; but when you become too expensive to treat, they may only offer suicide.

Ryan Cooper

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