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Would you cut down on processed meat and red meat, given the link to cancer? Why or why not? How can we promote a healthier lifestyle?

All processed food is no good for people, especially those with hereditary cancer genes... To maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat fresh, with less oil and salt, don't drink sugary beverages, have at least six to eight hours' sleep and walk more.

Priscilla Poh Beng Hoon

No way... meat, processed or not, will always be part of my diet, and I eat it happily. But, that has to be balanced with lots of fruits and vegetables.

Harry Chia

Eating all food fresh is healthier compared with preserved food. But for variety, consuming processed food once in a while should not be an issue.

Peter Tan

What are some issues concerning elder abuse, especially by people from their own families? How can the community help protect the elderly?

Neighbours play a big part in this. Residents' committee members can also do spot checks and home visits.

Tan Gerine

First, we must find out why. Is it due to bad parenting? When the abusers were children, were they frequently caned?

If so, then we need to counsel the abusers not to "take revenge".

Do not depend on the community... it is their culture to mind their own business unless there are incentives like rewarding whistle-blowers.

Andrew Singh

Are public libraries getting noisier? If so, how can patrons help keep the noise levels down?

The National Library Board should enforce the "please be silent" rule. Library staff should be vested with the authority to expel people who do not obey the rules.

Ng Gim Leng

Yes, they are getting noisier. Can children's sections be properly segmented from the adults'? Noise in the children's section is OK, as that is the nature of children. But in some libraries, there are no dividing segments, resulting in a very noisy environment.

Rizal Subani

Noise in a library is limited but still exists. The solution is the acoustic treatment in the premises to absorb any noise.

Jwee Quek

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