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Visitors taking a walk in Bukit Brown cemetery.
Visitors taking a walk in Bukit Brown cemetery.ST FILE PHOTO

Should the definition of a successful life include having children?

Every one of us has the same number of hours each day, and if a person has a high-flying job, a loving partner and two to three children in reputable schools, I think he or she is more successful than most people.

Joey Tong

Having children and a loving family is definitely considered a success in life.

Lilie Lim

Success means different things to different people. Trying to lump having children with the definition of success simply attracts the wrong sort of people to have children for the wrong reasons.

Shannon Mark

The definition of success is subjective. Maybe your point is to encourage people to have more children.

Rafiza Naser

Should Bukit Brown Cemetery be given Unesco World Heritage status?

What other sites here deserve the accolade?

Go travel the world, then see if Bukit Brown is worthy of having a World Heritage title.

Mahat Abu

I don't think it meets the World Heritage criteria... However, it should be a national heritage site.

Desvin Phoon

Bukit Brown has been recognised by the World Monuments Fund as a heritage site worthy of preservation.

Goh See Chen

Bukit Brown is clearly of World Heritage quality. It complements the Botanic Gardens by showcasing the immigrant community in Singapore. It is also a World War II battle site.

Ian Chong

What would it take to change employers' attitudes towards hiring those with mental illness?

Mental illness is such a broad term. Dementia is a mental illness, and so is a disorder like anxiety. Everyone suffers one form of mental illness or another... It does not mean that someone who has been treated at IMH is to be avoided.

Chan Lai

It would take understanding from the employers. Maybe IMH can ask those who have recovered or are recovering to "educate" the employers.

Jamie Lam

The public sector should take a more active lead in hiring these people and share its experience with the private sector.

Jack Klu Soh

I have hired a few who have medical histories related to mental illness. They are still working for me. They are very loyal and diligent in their work. Just have to give them time off to go for medical reviews... However, the Government is not providing any grants to companies that go the extra mile to do that.

Eric Rich

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