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What can the community do within their neighbourhood to make life for the disadvantaged around them more bearable?

Everyone can play a part in making their neighbourhood more bearable, regardless of whether their neighbour is advantaged or disadvantaged. Kindness should be regardless of class, race and religion. It sounds great to bond with neighbours by cooking extra but be sensitive to whether your neighbour is able to accept the food. Do not impose your moral values on others.

LeAnne Lai Heehee

There are no hard and fast rules for anyone wanting to help the less privileged. First, they must come across someone with such a need near them before they are able to possibly render assistance.

This is not easy to do as most house owners tend to lock themselves in their homes and keep to themselves.

Peter Tan

How can parents help their children navigate the digital world?

Simple. Keep them out of it until they are old enough.

Sakthivel Vetrivel

Screen and block it in front of your kids. If they are curious enough, they will ask you why. If not, just explain that what the video is teaching isn't good. Be straightforward. This is what parenting is about.

Mark Leong

Why filter content? It is better to expose them early to the real world.

Timothy Liew

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