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Is it fair to ban riders of shared bikes who park indiscriminately when motorists are not banned from driving over a parking offence?

Good question.

If drivers were banned from driving for a week for indiscriminate parking, I believe it will improve parking of cars drastically.

Francis Chu

Well, for one thing, a motorist "owns" his own vehicle (let's exclude all those taxis and rental vehicles for discussion's sake), whereas a normal user has no ownership of the shared bike.

Jon Liang

Drivers of vehicles will need to pay fines and an accident victim can claim insurance.

Shared bikes?

Thia Hwee Jee

Shared-bicycle parking should be allowed anywhere and everywhere as long as the bikes do not obstruct people who are walking.

The concept of bike sharing is about point-to-point commute, and to have to look for designated parking areas would cause an inconvenience and people would give up on riding altogether.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

As a public transport commuter, what features would you like to see in the MyTransport app?

I would say MyTransport is easily one of best local apps.

Although it's already pretty good, this beta version challenged itself and offered some interesting improvements in UX. Thumbs up to the developer team!

Koh Kheng Wah

I would like to see free rides for seniors.

Toh Ong

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