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Is there strong support for the less fortunate in Singapore?

Do you think that a social allowance of $300 per month is enough for old folk to survive? Simply put, an old man can spend only $10 every day, and that is inclusive of his bills, his medical needs and his meals. Is that really enough?

Terry Lee

How much can one continue giving in terms of support?

Everyone is struggling - many can do their bit while others may not even think it possible even if they wanted to. Wealthy people should be doing more than the less well-off.

Peter Tan

Clearly more can be done even from a simple awareness perspective. Social welfare or support needs to be done on a systematic scale, not on an exception basis.

Marc Tan

Should employers take applicants' GPA (grade point average) into consideration during the hiring process?

Nope. Work capability and GPA are not linked. What's important is your attitude and not your scores in school.

Antony Chan

Each employer should assess the relevance of GPA to the nature of work they are hiring the candidates for.

Gregory Kwan

GPA is a measurement of potential, which may or may not translate into actual work performance in the future. So depending on what kind of potential you are looking for in a future employee, GPA can help or may not help.

Luo Weiliang

(Compare) someone who focuses purely on academic results and only attends classes, sits exams and does nothing else with a GPA of 4.8 versus someone who has lots of internship experience, was heavily involved in many student activities and has picked up other skills but with a GPA of 3.8. Most employers might choose the 3.8 student as he or she probably has better soft skills and some form of work experience.

Kieron Gabriel Ng

All fresh graduates start off with no work experience. Almost everyone would have undergone some form of internship. With no other measurable parameters or track records to fall back on, employers only have GPA to rely on as an indicator of academic consistency, diligence and ability. GPA does matter when securing the first job.

Au Kah Kay

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