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Would the proposed acquisition of food centre operator Kopitiam by NTUC Enterprise significantly reduce competition in the market?

There are other foodcourts and kopitiams.

Vincent Teo

Soon the food in all the foodcourts will be the same because they will come from the same large companies that NTUC Enterprise prefers. So boring.

Voo Bernice Wu Wenli

Many smaller operators will be badly affected by the big boy.

Peter Tan

Should attempted suicide remain a punishable offence?

No person would want to end his life unless he thinks he is alone and feels that there is no hope left. By punishing him for the attempt, there will not be a positive result. It also reflects a cruel and inhumane society. What such an individual truly needs is support. Laws are set by man. Hence, laws can be reviewed and changed as society progresses.

Yen Chua

At the end of the day, he has not harmed any other innocent party. Let's put it this way: Smoking is a form of slow suicide. But do we punish smokers?

Matthew Chua Boon Hou

From a more practical perspective, the removal of such a provision enables para-counsellors and the hospital to work together more effectively in cases of attempted suicide as they would be able to do so without worrying whether the victim will incur a fine or imprisonment.

Petrina Tan

What qualities would you look for in a leader?

Someone with foresight, and who is proactive, disciplined... and importantly, puts citizens first.

Freesia Lim

A good leader is one who does not worry about ranking, bonus or promotion for just himself.

Allan Tan

One who is humble and mixes with those in the lower ranks and not just the high-fliers. He must be able to mingle with everybody, regardless of their race, religion or educational level.

Peter Tan

The world needs a leader who is aware of the situation on the ground and understands what his citizens need.

Ng Teck Guan

One who doesn't serve to earn millions, but serves to do good for the country.

Sunny Da Blaqone

Someone who leads by example.

Chee Gem Chng

One who listens, empathises, advises and delegates - these form the qualities of a good leader.

Gabriel Chia

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