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What measures should the authorities implement to reduce the impact of train disruptions on commuters?

The technical capability hasn't been catching up with the changes. Many solutions can go at the same time... but it really requires one with good programme management and not just (someone) technically capable.

Mark Leong

After spending so much money, we are still facing all these problems. We must learn from Hong Kong. We are paying top dollar but continue to receive mediocre results. Yet, (they are) talking about raising fares.

Lee Philip

We need more time to fix, it's not so easy.

Wins Cho

Should eateries be made to display the calorie count of their food items? What are the pros and cons of doing so?

How do the aunties and uncles know how many calories there are in their food? Must pay for lab tests. More money spent and passed on to consumers.

Ali Yahya Raee

Easier if one hires a nutritionist; they will give a rough guide. There are apps that can give you this information as well.

Abhradeep Banerjee

Calorie count is not representative of nutritional value. For example, a bowl of ice kachang has a lower calorie count compared with thunder tea with brown rice. Profit margin is much higher for ice kachang.

This could open the door to information abuse for business profits.

Lindy Han

People need much more information than that, such as the recommended daily intake of calories. People may be too obsessed with counting calories that they may forget that there are other aspects of eating healthily, such as having a balanced diet.

Kok Siong

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