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What two qualities make a good hawker centre?

Quality healthy food that is priced to fit common people's daily budget.

Tan P Chiew

Tasty food and cleanliness.

Jackson Seng

Cooks with at least 20 years of experience making the food they sell, and tasty food.

Rosalind Lee

First, value-for-money meals that cater to all races. Second, accessible locations that are clean, well ventilated and reasonably spacious.

Harry Chia

No "chope-ing" with tissue paper, and make it mandatory for consumers to clear their trays after eating.

Gabriel Chia

Is a third link between Malaysia and Singapore via Pulau Ubin a good idea?

Definitely a no-no. Simply leave this rustic island as it is.

Michelle Tan

Unless there is a concrete long-term plan to boost Singapore's economy, I don't see the need for us to spend such money. We need to weigh the pros and cons before coming to a pragmatic decision.

Vincent Ng

Pulau Ubin is a good place to seek respite from the concrete jungle and urban madness on the mainland. Encouraging traffic (be it human or motor) on this island is a horrible idea. Even with the limited ferry services, Pulau Ubin is already so packed.

Ze Wei Ng

Should foreign entities be allowed to influence Singapore's affairs?

We will never allow any external third parties to order us around when it comes to how we run our family affairs at home. This same logic applies here.

Sin Kiang Chua

A foreigner, whether working or studying here, must learn and respect Singapore.

Chia Yong Kit Isaiah

If a foreigner makes a comment here, is that interfering or influencing? You run the danger of passing ill-defined laws that can criminalise almost any behaviour.

Yuen Kit Mun

Singapore has no problem admitting that it models its education, transportation, industries and others after other countries, but now we're acting like we decided on our political system in a vacuum without any influence from anyone.

Li Yan McCurdy

Some people just don't get the difference between having foreigners working here and foreign entities interfering with Singapore affairs.

Emma Krish

Lobbying, that is, influencing policymaking via local and foreign entities, is not new. There are many lobbying entities influencing policymaking, such as trade associations, business chambers and social and self-help groups. Singapore too would attempt to influence, directly or indirectly, the policymaking in other countries, diplomatically, financially or otherwise.

Choy Weng Leong

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