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Do you think that earning a Unesco World Heritage status will breathe new life into our hawker culture? Why or why not?

What will breathe new life into our hawker culture is if the rent is reasonable, the place is well ventilated, conveniently located, and sells a variety of food.

The Unesco World Heritage status will only bring awareness to the tourists of our hawker stalls.

Harry Chia

Technically, a world-class recognition would be beneficial for the hawkers as they have worked hard for it and their efforts need to be recognised. But we should be aware that cleanliness and hygiene play a part too.

Elaine Claire

Not easy. There is no one to take over (from the) old hawker... and the tiring work of long hours and selling food for cheap are issues to resolve.

Sally Hw

Lower the rent. If hawkers cannot survive, there will be no one to make up the culture even if we get the status.

Grace Ho Lim

Do you think that giving rebates based on flat size is unfair? Why or why not?

When we look at policy implementation, it is very hard to justify who is eligible and who is not. So usually the Government takes the simplest way out.

It may not be the best deal but sometimes it beats hiring a few hundred people to collect information and analyse who deserves rebates more.

Ryon Chua

Lower-income families applied for and live in smaller flats. They need more help than others. In most cases, the current system is fair.

John Tang

Please give based on real needs. The Government should know the income of the households. Those that are doing well but staying in HDB should not be given anything, and their share channelled to help the low-income.

Leonie R Tan

Another way is based on household per capita income.

Ed Mund

Do you think agencies should be held more accountable for maids' welfare?

First, maid agencies must be responsible for their maids until the contract is completed. Second, maid agencies must pay the bond, not employers, so they bring in quality maids and not (focus on) anyone that can pay their fees and then throw the problems to the employers.

Terance Rozario

Agencies must do monthly checks to see how the maids are, at least for six months. Many new maids are naive and friendless, so it is good to know if they are adapting well with their new employers.

Siti Nor'aini A S

The main job scope of a maid agency is to arrange for an employer to hire a maid . What happens later between employer and maid is not the responsibility or business of the agency.

There should be an office set up for any complaints from the maid or employer. It would not be fair to blame the agency for disputes between maid and employer.

Peter Tan

How can we encourage greater interaction among races in daily life?

It starts at home. Parents can encourage their children to interact with other races by having friends from other races and make it second nature for their own children. Rosemary

Richard Sam


How about an opt-in incentive, like tax relief or rebates, for companies that employ based on racial quota?

For most people, work takes up a huge part of our time and is a major avenue to have interracial exchanges.

Chan Wai Ping

Discard mother tongue lessons. Only teach English. This will also avoid racial segregation during language classes.

Keith Bryan C Wong

There was great wisdom in initiating a racial quota for HDB dwellers because human beings are instinctively tribal and would mix with only those of the same kind.

Curricula in our primary and secondary schools must include a racially and religiously pluralistic ethos that accepts and embraces the validity of all races and religions in Singapore.

Racial chauvinism - the insidious ideology that some Singaporeans have that glorify the culture and greatness of their race and its corresponding culture - has to be rooted out.

Zhou Hongjie

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