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Should new jobs be created for older workers or should older workers be retrained to fill traditional jobs? What are the pros and cons of each option?

Even if new jobs are created for older workers, it still remains to be seen whether employers would hire them as the young would be able to do those jobs, too.

Tae Hyun

It is a mixture of both. It mostly depends on what the older worker used to work as. If the sector the worker used to work in has room for innovation, then new jobs could be created, or the worker could move to a less strenuous one.

Leow Min Chon

There should be a concerted effort by companies to create jobs specifically tailored for seniors. If jobs are not redefined and remain status quo, there is a tendency to employ younger workers.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

Should doctors revive house calls? What other ways are there for doctors to reach out to elderly and high-risk patients at home?

House calls are a necessity, not only for the invalid or elderly who have mobility issues. There are times when people are just too sick to make it to the nearest clinic.

Elizabeth Tan

Maybe a senior social nurse can visit and assess if the patient needs a doctor - that might be cheaper.

James B Wright-Brown

Do teachers face undue pressure, especially from difficult parents? In what ways can more support be given to teachers?

If parents don't respect their children's teachers, then don't expect the children to respect the teachers.

Gracia La Reina

Parents are not solely to be blamed. It is not unusual for principals to side with parents and put their teachers down. Many teachers find life unbearable, especially when discipline cases often turn to embarrassment if these problems are handled by the school heads.

Parents should try to cooperate with teachers.

Catherine Soh

Teachers should earn the respect... If you teach earnestly with love and passion for the children, in return, the children will love you and respect you.

Victor Robinson

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