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Do you think the push towards bilingualism has affected Singapore's standard of English?

The more languages you know, the more opportunities you have. You don't need a "high" standard to survive.

And, who says you cannot be good in more than one language.

Tim Tan

I see more advantages in being bilingual or even trilingual, rather than sticking to one language, especially in today's competitive world.

Ferry Chang

Let's bring back Chinese-medium schools to Singapore and let them co-exist with English-medium schools.

Give students a choice (of learning either Chinese or English as the first language).

Jerome Teo

Absolutely. With more Singaporeans speaking their mother tongue, something had to give and spoken English is the casualty.

Harry Chia

Yes, the standard of English has dropped over the years. I have observed children speaking English that is grammatically incorrect. I am not blaming bilingualism, but I hope there will be more focus on the English language.

Jane Gomez

Bilingualism is definitely not the cause of our poorer standard of English. People all over the world are mastering not only English, but also Chinese and other major languages at the same time. If we stick to learning only one language we are going backwards. We can't afford that.

Lisa Loh

Do you agree that it is wrong to support the work of someone who has broken the law?

No, I don't agree. Just because one has broken the law or committed some sort of mistake, it is unreasonable to not support his work.

If one thinks that a film is great, go ahead and watch it. If not, don't watch it.

Muhammad Harith

Definitely not, a person's character should not be considered when evaluating his work.

Besides, should people be judged for what they were or what they have become?

Desmond Huang

Be objective, movie-making is a big team effort. The story writer is just one of the contributors.

Anton Chia

We should always support people's talents. But these talents don't give them a free pass to break laws as they like.

Shi Wei

We should judge a product for what it is, and not base it on what the person who made it might have done. Give credit where it is due.

Max DasAuto

The law has specific penalties for each crime. Those who violate a particular law should be punished for that based on the law. He should not be punished further.

Vono Seekeh

If we were to do so, there would be many things we would deprive ourselves of, like books and art. A good number of artists and writers are not "nice" people that one would "approve" of.

Lisa Hong-Ping Kong

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