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Should culture differences between sectors or industries be factored in when hiring senior management?

Culture is top-driven. Having management from similar cultures will ensure stability but retain "old habits". Having someone from a different culture will allow the organisation to learn and adopt better processes and mindsets.

MD Ridzuan

Management skills are transferable - it does not matter which industry you start your career in.

JX Lee

At all levels, bad managers are bad managers, and good managers are good managers. It has little to do with (the sector being) public or private. The main difference is that political interference is more direct in the public sector than in the private sector.

Tim Ellis

Should it be made mandatory for shops in malls to display their unit numbers?

Yes, I think it will help in locating shops. It helps customers and shop owners alike.

Why do some owners want to hide units, that is the question.

Jimmy Beany

Many malls do not have a standard sequence of numbering their units. Check out Raffles City and ION.

Tsai Teck See

You can't locate the shops without unit numbers.

So, yes, I agree - it is to their advantage, why miss the opportunity?

Stephan Roy

Aren't the shop names more prominent than the unit numbers?

Steven Pang

This is extremely overdue!

Daniel Tan

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