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Is interacting with wildlife a better way to instil a love for nature among Singaporeans?

Loving nature is not confined to interacting with wildlife. It encompasses an understanding of all things ecological.

Ken Koh

Developing a love for nature is an aspiration of many Singaporeans, but achieved by only a few. With work stress, family and financial commitments to worry about, do many have time for nature?

Harry Chia

There is a risk of diseases spreading from wildlife to humans.

Tat Lin Ng

If anyone is attacked by wildlife, there will be complaints, and action may be taken against the animal. Sometimes, it is best to stay away to protect them.

Lex Phang

Would stiffer penalties deter maid employers from breaking Ministry of Manpower (MOM) rules?

A penalty like a hefty fine would be a strong signal of deterrence.

Peter Tan

How about rewarding those employers who provide safe environments for their foreign domestic workers? It works both ways, right?

LeAnne Lai Heehee

The MOM or the agencies bringing in these workers should conduct a mandatory course on their rights, to empower them against errant employers.

They should also have a hotline they can call should they need to lodge a report, as well as be informed of a place they can seek temporary refuge in case of abuse.

These measures could be a deterrent as employers will be aware the maids have various options, should they act unfairly.

Also, penalties against employers should be more than just monetary. They should be suspended from hiring any maids for a period of time.

Kerry Pereira

The present law is enough to deter employers from mistreating their maids.

Voo Bernice Wu Wenli

To be honest, I don't think half the employers know what the rules are.

Thomas Andrew

What about errant maids - such as maids who work in other people's homes on their days off either directly or through an agency?

There should also be a ban on or a jail sentence for such maids and illegal agents.

Margaret Lee

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