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Do you think Singapore's hawker culture is at risk of disappearing? What can be done about it?

Yes, it is a sunset industry. I may like hawker food if the price and taste are to my liking, but I have never ever wanted to become a hawker myself.

The working hours are long and the net profit is not worth the hours of work.

Peter Tan

Do not lament the passing of foods like chicken rice or mee siam. The next generation will find its own taste. The old will pass.

For example, many of the hawker foods which my grandmother knows - no one knows how to cook them today.

So let the hawker scene evolve.

Margaret Chong

Stop the tender system for hawker stalls. Give young first-timers priority, and give them three months' discounted rent to allow business to pick up.

Nas Ali

Raise food prices, and give hawkers a proper salary. It's not because there's no interest. It's because the money coming in is not sustainable. If people want their hawker culture to carry on, they must pay proper prices for thefood.

Audi Khalid

Make hawker centres cool - start by not calling them hawker centres.

Sem Chong

Decrease the rental - it is as simple as that. This will decrease the cost.

And stop increasing water, electricity and gas prices. All the savings will be channelled into a hawker's income.

Silane Dilwyn Tng

Should SkillsFuture trainers be equipped with employment counselling skills? How can learners make better choices to improve their employability?

Before learners use their SkillsFuture fund, roadshows (about the scheme) should indicate what type of jobs are available and whether or not one's chances of being hired are high.

Margaret Lee

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