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Does e-learning open the door to Internet addiction in children? Should schools do more to help limit children's online activities?

We cannot have zero screen time. We are living in the digital era. I do acknowledge that having too much screen time isn't healthy. Like everything in life, it is all about balance.

Edwin David Goh

As long as the e-learning session is limited to only the contents of the syllabus, and the students don't have access to other websites, then it will be fine. We should embrace technology and find a way to use it to our advantage. Technology can be a double-edged sword if we allow it to be, but we have the choice to not allow it to be one.

Lance Gabriel

Just make them connect to the school network, then you can control their Web access content.

Kah Kiat Tan

E-learning should start from secondary school, and be avoided in primary school.

Fion Phua

Should euthanasia be made legal in Singapore? Why or why not?

Life is precious and it's not for us to decide when our lives or someone else's should end. I believe Singapore should not legalise euthanasia because life can take a turn for the better or for the worse... The person, at the eleventh hour, may miraculously recover, and unknowingly, his second chance at life could be taken away.

Jane Gomez

No. Sickness is part and parcel of life. If you cannot eat, the time will come naturally. Be brave and strong as a good example to your younger ones. Don't opt out of life. The young must learn to care and love in good times and bad.

Chew Khien Fah

No... There are some greedy and heartless people who just want their parents to die as soon as possible so that they can get their share of the inheritance.

Even if euthanasia gets legalised in Singapore one day, there must be rules about who can sign it. For example, those with dementia or mental illness cannot qualify. Also, it must be one's own consent, and not a family member's consent.

Faith Yan Lam-Uranium

It should be, but within certain limits. People should have a say regarding their own deaths, especially if they're suffering from incurable diseases. And people need to stop being so afraid of death, and seeing it as a bad thing.

Carolina Koh

Yes. I should choose how and when I go if I am a terminal case or if I deem myself to have lost all quality of life. Don't leave the burden to those I love.

Agnes Ang

If euthanasia means a dignified death where a person exercises agency over the end of his life, that's great. However, there needs to be safeguards to ensure that the vulnerable are not cajoled into giving up their right to live simply because they don't have access to quality healthcare due to financial reasons. It shouldn't be legalised simply to provide society with a cheaper option.

Abirame Subramanian

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