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Are security measures at educational institutions sufficient? Should the public be barred from entering the campuses?

There's no need to bar the public from entering the school campuses of tertiary institutions. Students aged 18 and up aren't helpless kids who need to be protected.

Umm Yusof

What these institutions can do is increase their security patrol of places that the public have access to - the food court, retail shops and the offices.

Harry Chia

They should ask anyone who enters the school premises to register themselves before allowing them to enter.

Ruth Ruth

Security measures in schools are not sufficient without the vigilance of the staff and students in educational institutions... We must stay alert to our surroundings at all times and bar any suspicious people from entering the campuses to avoid another tragedy from happening.

Wei Jien Teng

Should firms and companies be left to decide whether to raise the retirement age, or should this be mandated by law?

Depending on the nature of the job, it may not be possible to mandate a retirement age for all firms. In this situation, let firms decide instead.

Wei Jien Teng

It should be decided by the individual. Not the Government or the company. It's my life !

Malcolm Tan

No use raising the retirement age. The company will silently force the older staff to quit.

Helena Pick

Why are more elderly people taking their lives? What can be done to prevent elderly suicide?

Mental illness, loneliness, boredom, financial difficulty, terminal illness, fear of burdening their loved ones, depression and lack of care. Perhaps tackle any one of those issues... Engage them in something meaningful and also alleviate their pain and allow them to live their last days with dignity.

Dyson Lim

Perhaps if they are helped (as opposed to "made") to feel needed or treasured, and know that someone out there is a friend to them , elderly suicide could be prevented. If an elderly person feels ignored, worthless, or that his existence is meaningless, then he may think life is such and that he has nothing else to live for.

Theo De Roza

If you truly want to help, then bring in assisted euthanasia for the elderly in pain and sickness. One's life, one's choice... people may not like such decisions but they still need to respect these decisions.

Anna Hand

Do children spend too much time on the Internet and on smartphones? How can parents inculcate healthy lifestyle habits in their kids?

Many children indeed spend too much time in front of a screen, and parents are partly to blame. Many just throw their devices at the kids as a convenient way to get them to keep quiet or behave.

Sean Lim

Don't judge parents when you see them outside with a child watching an iPad or mobile phone. My child runs around the whole day with his toys. But when it comes to eating, I give him the iPad. Once eating is done, all he wants is to get out of the chair.

Stilo Mylo

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