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What can Singapore do to ensure its food security, and supply of other resources, in times of crisis?

How about using the open spaces around HDB blocks to plant some fruits and vegetables?

Even condominiums have green plants to beautify the area. 

How about having plantation gardens for residents to plant food if they so wish?

Carolina Koh

Singapore may be land-scarce, but there are dozens of islands surrounding the mainland that are uninhabited and lying idle...

Turn some of them into farms for growing fruit trees and vegetables, and poultry and egg production.

Peter Tan

Can wildlife protection and tourism coexist? What are some benefits? How can this be done in a humane way?

Certainly, wildlife protection and tourism can coexist, and our Singapore zoo is a good example.

The humane way is not forcing animals, such as dolphins, to perform acts of entertainment.

Priscilla Poh Beng Hoon

No, there cannot be coexistence as human beings are known for their destructiveness.

Justin Lim

Are women always expected to be the first in a marriage to leave their employment to stay at home? What other gender gaps do women in Singapore still face?

Men and women are not meant to be equal.

They are meant to complement and supplement each other...

If you simply play your own role, irrespective of which gender you are, you have already achieved equality.

Abcaba Lee Lila

I'm old school. As a woman, I have my duty.

When I'm single, I go out and see the world around me.

Then I become a wife and mother.

My priority is to create a warm, happy home...

A woman can enjoy equal rights but also needs to know where to draw the line... her priority is her family.

We can be equal with the man but we also need to take one step back to give the man a chance to do his duty as head of the family.

Nyonya Anna Marie Doe

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