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How can students in internship programmes be better protected from harassment and unfair work practices?

Harassment is a part of life. The young must learn how to handle it on their own.

Yatsuhiro Kakinomoto

It's important to reveal the names of the company and the director involved to send a strong signal to other companies and staff to think twice before committing such acts.

James Chua

They are graduates - I hope they can speak up.

Fongi Chen

Have school activities linked to Racial Harmony Day, such as wearing ethnic costumes, lost their original meaning? Does the day need a reboot to better reflect current social developments?

Is there a need to, when students are already attending the same school, regardless of race, language or religion? Racial differences are alien to them; let's keep it this way.

Andrew Loh

Of course Racial Harmony Day cannot be celebrated the same way after these many years... Let's have debates, talks and so on that expose the discrimination, stereotyping, biases and racial issues that may become a lightning rod for racial tension in our society.

Loh Wai Poon

Racial harmony should be practised all year round, not just on a specific day and forgotten when it's all over.

Peter Tan

Should construction sites be held accountable for roadkill incidents in the vicinity? Would this help protect wildlife here?

We humans are the ones that are forcing these animals out of their habitats! And we cannot deny that the construction going around these natural reserves is affecting their homes... Therefore, the only way is to stop such construction, or the authorities and the construction companies have to put in more effort to make or give space to these creatures.

SK Chan

Yes - many incidents would not have occurred but for construction activities... While development in land-scarce Singapore is inevitable, construction companies and developers should do more to mitigate potential damage, like creating more buffers or ensuring that construction is managed sensitively.

Blooming Ikkoniku

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