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Should more stringent guidelines be imposed on insurance claims for car accidents and repairs? For example, if repair is a viable option, the owner should not be able to demand a new part replacement.

Claims have little consequence to the bottom line currently as insurance companies simply raise the premiums sharply after accidents. When the industry can't be trusted to vet and control abusive claims to protect consumers, Government intervention is needed.

Zhi Wei

This private, corrupt practice should be curbed. It is not fair as premiums keeps increasing.

Wei Lim

Of course. Unless the insurance companies want to continue to be ripped off.

Andrew Fann

Do goodie bags contribute to the amount of waste generated in Singapore? Should these be reduced or phased out altogether?

I think it is fine, where bags per se are concerned. Most goodie bags I see - especially for government events - are actually eco-bags which can be used to store groceries. This is something worth emulating - using eco-bags as goodie bags instead of paper bags.

As for the contents, some are pretty impractical. Organisers and sponsors should aim to produce items that are more well utilised.

Sean Lim

Goodie bags, especially in odd sizes, are specially designed to hold things that are for special occasions. How many times do we see them being recycled or used to replace the non-biodegradable plastic bags? Redesign them and make them shopping-friendly.

Ken Koh

Give out goodies without the bags.

Freesia Lim

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